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Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States 49508

As a veteran educator with experience teaching teens and adults across the nation, in five states, in person, and online, I bring key skills to those seeing to get started and get going with their own writing. I am a writing coach who specializes in services that help you get through difficult writing projects where an extra hand is needed. I focus on content editing, preparation for publishing, and helping novice and experienced writers to launch their work.

As you view my website, you will see that I am a published author who has print and eBooks in a variety of genres and coached several local, state, and national authors through the process of having their writing published.  I also have experience helping writers find illustrators and graphics designers when the writer does not have the time or skill to do the work themselves.

Note that coaching and content editing is offered for those preparing websites, printed programs, and blogs. Many new writers know they have a story to tell, an experience to share, or advice to pass along.  I can help get that manuscript written, revised, refined, and formatted for each writer’s specific audience and purpose and thus convey their intended message to their target audience. Authors I coach are proud to have their names on the published manuscripts.

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