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Is HASU for me?

We are a global inclusive community for ALL women from all demographic areas, races and ethnicity’s.  You are not alone “we got you.”

What are the Immediate Benefits of a HASU Membership?

Connection to our Sistahood and Community of women entrepreneurs.  Access to our monthly meetings w/ expert speakers.  Opportunities to promote your business through our various suite of services, Access to our resource library of courses, templates and archived recorded meetings.

How will HASU support me?
We provide online communities to connect, engage and help you GROW your business by providing opportunities to meet other women entrepreneurs globally and from different walks of life.

I met Linda Otterbridge in 2015 when spoke to my Intro to Business class at Grand Rapids Community College.  I was nervous to talk to her, but I knew she had an endless amount of resources, so I mustered up the strength to talk to her after class and exchange business cards.  It’s now 2021 when I am writing this review.  We’ve kept in touch for years, she’s “hooked me up” countless times and sent many clients my way.  I’ve noticed many things about HASU over the years. Linda Otterbridge truly cares about every entrepreneur she meets and will give great guidance.  And if she doesn’t have expertise in a certain topic, she will point you to a person who does.

Khrystal Jackson

Digital Media Specialist , KJ Productions

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