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Hook a Sista Up Office Rental


Do you need a quiet office space to grow your business and get your work done?  Maybe you need a place to hold meetings, record podcasts, or do video calls that’s a bit more structured than your home.  Hook a Sista Up office members have access to a private office space that can be reserved for a small fee. 

Hook a Sista Up Groups and Platforms

Becoming a member of Hook a Sista Up grants you membership in these platforms. You can also join our free Hook a Sista Up Facebook group. Working on a book or a podcast? You can also join Women, Poets and Podcasters

Hidden in Plain Sight

Unboxing Cool Sh#t

No Plan B Entrepreneur

Bring Wine…and Brainstorm Your Business Back

Sista Says

If These Books Could Talk

Hidden in Plain Sight

Where your business can be a guest on our online show to share your business and promote your services.  Hidden in Plain Sight can also pop-up at your place of business if it deems a safe place to visit.  Hidden in Plain Sight is a Zoom interview or can be done as a FB Live.

(Bi- weekly Thursdays 6pm-7pm)

Cool as S*#t Unboxing your Business

You got products that you want to showcase?  Well let me unbox them for you on ZOOM/FB LIVE.  Unboxing allows people to see your products and how they work and of course be able to engage with you and you can follow up with any interested guests on the LIVE.  This service is for promotion and for to get orders as well.

Bring Wine...and Brainstorm Your Business Back

This is our monthly (3rd Friday of the Month) meeting on ZOOM where women come together with their business challenges in hopes of networking and collectively helping each other solve their business challenges.  A great opportunity to meet NEW businesses and connect.


No Plan B Entrepreneur

This show is to to get you ready to take that leap from your 9-5 into full-time entrepreneurship. This podcast shows runs bi-weekly and interviews women who have left that 9-5 cubicle farm to become a full-time entrepreneur.  They share their highs and lows and some pretty funny stories of what their  “No Plan B entrepreneur” journey was like.  

Sista Says… Sista Series

This is a FB LIVE TAKEOVER where you get an opportunity to TAKEOVER our Hook a Sista Up FB group and share anything you like.  You can teach a workshop, promote a product and show people how to use it.  Sell something.  Or just introduce yourself and your business. A promotional fee is included with this service.

If These Books Could Talk

Do you have a book coming or need to promote your book?
TAKEOVER our Hook a Sista Up FB group for 30 min and promote your book.
“If These Books Could Talk” is waiting for you.

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