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HASU is a Women in Business Network see some of our members

Hook a Sista Up is a member-driven platform for women entrepreneurs and small business owners. HASU provides community, support, mentoring, marketing, education, and networking for women entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses. Join our women in business network today!

HASU is About Building Relationships

HASU is about connecting with other women entrepreneurs for support, collaboration, and growing your business network. Get advice, guidance, and support from other women entrepreneurs. Make friends, gain accountability and achieve more of your business goals.

HASU is About Connections and Referrals

HASU is all about helping women entrepreneurs make connections. Find women who need your services and collaborate with other female entrepreneurs.  Make valuable connections with other women entrepreneurs, acquire new clients, and connect with resources your business needs.

HASU is About Building Relationships

HASU is about creating promotional opportunities for women entrepreneurs.  Opportunity to promote and market your business on our member events page, HASU blog, YouTube Channel, Podcast and newsletter.  Get publicity for your business through our media opportunities for HASU members.

HASU is a member-driven community of women entreprenuers. Shifting from competition to collaboration. We hook a sista up.

Accomplish Your Goals

Set goals and accomplish more with HASU's mentoring, accountability partnering, and goal-setting workshops and events.

Grow Your Business

Our networking events and member directory help women find new clients and connect with resources they need to grow their business.

Learn New Skills

We offer workshops, webinars, and events to help you learn new skills to market and grow your business.

HASU members meeting for coffee

Get Your Hook Up On!

What is HASU?

Hook a Sista Up is a place for women in business to network. We help women and businesses connect with each other to expand and grow their businesses.

Women share their experiences, and resources, promote each other, build relationships and bring awareness to each other's businesses. And lastly, we provide monthly accountability check-ins and mentoring if there is a need.

Small businesses and corporations are welcome to join HASU and take advantage of our benefits which include being able to post job and volunteer opportunities for women in business.

Why Choose HASU?

We are a growing network of ambitious, passionate, and motivated female entrepreneurs.

Gain New Clients & Grow Your Network
Opportunities to Speak & Share Your Expertise
Learn from Experienced Women in Business
Get Featured in Our Monthly Newsletter
HASU is an extraordinary group of women in business

Join our HASU sisterhood of women entrepreneurs and get your hook up on. Hope to see your business soon!

Meet Some Of Our Members

CaTyra Polland

Owner of Love for Words

Brenda Pratt

Owner of Brenda’s Editorial Services

Denise Fase

Director of GR Initiative for Leaders

Michelle Sheppard Coy

Women’s Leadership Coach

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