Hook a Sista Up exists to provide a supportive community for women entrepreneur’s so they are not working in a silo as they are venturing on their entrepreneurial journey.


Our Hook a Sista Up supportive online community for women entrepreneur’s started in Charlotte, NC in 2011.

At the time, I was a new entrepreneur in Charlotte with a consulting business and was connecting with other women entrepreneurs who quickly took me under their wings.

These women and other entrepreneurs hooked me up with resources, connected me with other women, and shared referrals with me for my business.

Women seemed to work together to help each other succeed.

Then one night, I went to a Dress for Success event and one of their speakers was Cynthia Marshall of AT&T and now she is the Chief Executive Officer of the Dallas Mavericks.

Cynthia started talking about why every woman needs a HASU.

And this is when I realized that I did not have to work in a silo alone at my kitchen table while on my entrepreneurial journey in a new city.

The early stages of a new business can be very lonely, and this is what I needed; the support of other women to help me stay motivated, to bounce ideas off of, and mainly having a supportive community and a sisterhood that wanted me to be successful.

So, I knew other women needed to know about HASU, so I created a FB group and started inviting women and this is how the movement, the sisterhood, and the community got started.

Over the years, HASU has grown into several other promotional services and opportunities for women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and their networks through our monthly accountability check-ins and other events.

In 2023, HASU will be celebrating 10 years of creating and providing accountability check-in events and opportunities to support women as they connect with other women entrepreneurs, promote their businesses, and grow their network.

So, if you are a woman entrepreneur, I hope you enjoy ALL the services and platforms we have created over the years to help you connect with other supportive women entrepreneurs and live your best life as an entrepreneur.

Our HASU supportive community is here for you.

Join us.














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