By Michele Coy

Confidence is the number one skill that individuals look upon leaders to possess. Believe it or not, you are a leader. You are a leader in your family. You are a leader within your community, and you may even be a leader within your place of business. Leadership does not require a title or a position. When you begin to influence others, you are seen as a leader.

Why is confidence so important? People are looking up to us to have the confidence that they may lack in a particular area. However, we may not be confident in every area in life and guess what, that is okay. We are not meant to be confident in every area. We are meant to lean on our community for support. The beauty of having a supportive community such as the members of the HASU group and other support groups that we have is that we can lean on them for support in the areas in that we lack confidence.

So, are you curious where you may have lost your confidence in a particular area in your life? I encourage you to begin taking an exploration into your past. Begin to think about times in school, religious organizations, sports, community clubs, and family where you may have been super confident. Begin to explore what may have decreased your confidence. Once we can understand the situations in which diminished our confidence, then we can begin to explore how we can take steps to revive that confidence.

Remember, we have to look backward to go forwards. While we look backward, we do not have to allow this to hold us back.

If you are interested in exploring your confidence, I am looking for five individuals to join my group coaching program around increasing your confidence and value. I would love to help you explore your confidence further.

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  1. This is a beautiful write Michele! Super proud of You, a confident leader in my book. Congrats to your past, present, and future.. for they each hold pieces of the influence your generating as a Leader!

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