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Ya’ll have no idea how excited I am that the site is finally done. And guess what? You are the first Hook A Sista Up (HASU) house guests. So, thank you for taking the time to stop by and view our site and our suite of services.

First, I would like to give a HUGEEEEE  thank you and shout out to our website team for their months of working on our website to get it launched.  Trust me this was no easy feat.

Web developer Jacqueline Flory Poehlman, owner of Communicate your Joy.  Website designer Khrystal Jackson, owner KJ Productions.  And website branding and logo creator Adriane Johnson, owner of Rebellious Creatives.

So all of our suites aka creative promotional platforms are designed to connect, support, and promote women entrepreneurs while helping them grow their network and businesses.

If you are new, here is a little background for you on Hook a Sista Up. HASU is a movement that provides connections, resources, mentoring. and emotional support to help propel women and their businesses forward.

I launched Hook a Sista Up in Grand Rapids, MI in 2013. I created the Facebook community while living in Charlotte NC where I learned about the “HASU” and how the movement impacted women entrepreneurs.

Women all over the world are familiar with what Hook a Sista Up is all about because it is a movement that has been around for a while. Most are familiar with it as they have heard other women talk about “The Hook-Up.”

So now that you know a little about HASU, what it stands for and the movement, we look forward to you joining us and becoming a member of Hook a Sista Up.

Look forward to having you and helping you get connected and promoting your business.





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